Top 5 Reasons Why Your Emails Don’t Get Opened

This is a guest post by Tony Evans. You can see the author’s bio at the bottom of this article.
Gone are the times when you grab a thick book called the Yellow Pages and start calling potential customers and promote your offerings. Now, marketers hook their leads using tools in the social web. These strategies can be integrated and can be used in combinations. One of the most used online marketing tactics to date is email marketing. As the name implies, email marketing is all about collecting the leads’ basic information and email addresses and then selling your products or services to them through email.However, unlike phones where you instantly get the response of your potential client, in emails, you won’t even know if your message has been understood with appreciation. In your first few attempts, clicks are only a few—and that’s normal. Sometimes, even worse, your emails are not opened by recipients! Why are your email open rates low? In this article, we will talk about top 5 reasons why your emails don’t get opened by your desired audience.5 Probable Reasons Why Your Emails are Not Opened1. You’re targeting the wrong audience.There are those on the web which provide services that give you a whole long list of email addresses of random people. As a newbie in this email marketing field, you give in and buy the bulk. The problem is that you don’t have the exact demographics and study of background or profiles of these leads.You may reach a few interested ones. But most probably, you only wasted your resources in doing so. What you need to do is keep persistence in achieving to reach relevant customers. You need to capture “authentic” audience by offering email subscription in your website. Also, to make sure that you get the right set, you may link this service to Facebook or other social media so you have more power to access their profiles. Then, require them to confirm subscription by clicking a link for activation of receiving “useful feeds” and “helpful information.”mailbox2. You’re a spammer.Sending emails regularly is recommended as a good practice. But if you keep on sending emails with a strong sales pitch to it, you may be giving the impression that you’re a spammer. Receiving the same promotions every single day is quite annoying to the recipients. If they get tired of seeing the same sender name and know that it just must be selling the same thing, your email will be directly sent to the Trash folder. To protect your emails form being filed as a spam, learn how to send them at right intervals. The best thing is to let your recipients choose the frequency. Let them answer a short survey or questionnaire and let the system schedule email-sending for you.3. You don’t consider the time zone.When you’re living in Asia and want to target, for instance, the Chinese to buy your products, consider their time zone. In any email marketing attempt, you must first look into the time zones of different countries. Even if you have composed the best email on the planet but it’s not sent at the right time (e.g. after office hours, before bed time, etc.), most likely it will not be opened and read. If your target audience is already asleep at that time, his email inbox will be flooded with many others and your message gets to the bottom of it. Your email would have lower chances of getting noticed.Also, consider the day of your email delivery. Track and review your analytics for the email rate and see where the highest rate is. Is it on the first day of the month, first Friday of the month or last week of the month when people get to entertain emails? Know when most people receive their pay from employers. Chances are, they will be more interested on purchasing stuff if they have the purchasing power: the money.4. You don’t give incentives.Your customers are always questioning “What’s in it for me?” at the back of their minds. So you need to bribe them with freebies. At the end of your email, you may offer a discount or something similar. In your blog or website, mention this as well and form this marketing campaign in their heads. When you’re successful at it, your prospects would always look forward to reading your succeeding emails.5. Your email does not have an attractive subject or title.Writing very catchy email titles is your small window of opportunity to get your emails opened. The subject must project a high level of relevance and attractiveness to your target market. Follow guidelines in copywriting and don’t forget to incorporate your brand name in it. Having your brand in your subject line fosters brand awareness. Your company brand is one of the elements people rely on and trust in opening the email.ConclusionAs a business owner, marketer or entrepreneur, email marketing can be one of your best tools to use to create loyalty among leads and customers. However, marketing through email and persuading them to open your email may be hard especially at the start. You just have to plan your actions and be resilient. Reach out to the right people, offer them what they want and give it at the right time.Author bio:+Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes. 

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