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How to Make Money as a Twitch Affiliate

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In a recent post about building an author platform using twitch creative I shared how self-published authors could make money as a twitch affiliate how exactly does the twitch affiliate program work and what can you expect with the twitch affiliate payout today I’ll cover those questions and more as I explain how to make money as a twitch affiliate stick around welcome to self publishing with Dale while you’ll learn tips and strategies for publishing your own books have you checked out the twitch creative feature on twitch TV yet and are you

Thinking about breaking ground on the live video streaming platform of twitch so you can make a little extra cash I’d love to hear your thoughts so give me a quick shout out over at twitch.tv slash self publish speaking of making a little extra cheddar how would you like to generate a few more sales on your next book launch would you like a sensible action plan for releasing your next book then you’ll want the exact blueprint in the bestseller book launch checklist simply head to sell publishing with Dale comm check list to download your copy today not too long ago I shared on this channel how self-published authors could build their author platform through the live streaming platform of twitch but I didn’t expand much on the topic and left a lot of questions.

Unanswered that’s why I thought I’d share more insight on how to make money as a twitch affiliate what is the twitch affiliate program anyway what are the twitch affiliate requirements and is the twitch affiliate setup easy to complete today I’ll have the twitch affiliate program explained and any other ambiguities ironed out to be clear anyone can set up a twitch account and stream the creative process or gaming adventures but not everyone can become a twitch affiliate you should also know that a twitch affiliate is only the first tier of earning revenue through the live streaming platform twitch also has a partner program but that requires much more time attention and energy than the twitch affiliate program

Here are the three different ways you can earn a twitch affiliate payout 1 cheering with bits viewers followers and subscribers of your channel have the ability to participate in your livestreams and reward you with bits your viewers can get bits by watching and engaging in short ads on twitch or purchasing stockpile of bits through an Amazon friendly checkout once they have bits your viewers can use those bits to cheer you on or reward you for a job well done twitch affiliates receive one cent per bit used to cheer in their Channel and can track revenue from bits on the revenue tab of their dashboard for more details on how your viewers can get bitch to cheer you on in your live stream check out the YouTube video.

How to get free bits for twitch ears by my brother Bionic vapor it’ll help your viewers cheer you so head over to sell publishing with Dale comm bits to see the full video to subscriptions viewers have a few options when it comes to how they watch your channel lurk follow or subscribe the first two options are all well and good but it’s the latter option of the subscribing that brings the greatest reward for both parties twitch affiliates can offer anyone who’s willing to invest in a monthly subscription incentives and perks that the casual viewer or follower won’t get it can include special emoticons for chatting on Twitch exclusive video broadcasts subscriber only chats and additional barrier removals a subscriber can opt in at three levels $per month $per month and $per month a cool perk of having an Amazon Prime account is the twitch prime feature where customers get free games bonuses and a monthly subscription to their favorite streamer on.

Twitch as a twitch affiliate you are entitled to 50% of all subscriptions so this mean you can make two dollars and fifty cents five dollars or $per subscription model three sales revenue in the twitch affiliate dashboard you can set up specific extensions that allow you to advertise games gear and products available on the Amazon Marketplace any sales made through your link you get up to 5% of the purchase price not bad considering that if you use Amazon associate affiliate links you start at about a four percent payout level now that you know how to get the twitch affiliate payout

What do you do to qualify for the twitch affiliate program according to a recent post on the twitch help page they had this to say for an invite to our affiliate program you must meet four requirements stream for eight hours in the last 30 days stream on seven days in the last 30 days reach an average of three viewers per stream grow your audience to 50 followers

When you meet a requirement a check mark will appear under path to affiliate if you lose any check marks you’ll need to complete those requirements again once you have all four check marks will display an invite button on your achievements page and email you now I must assure you it wasn’t all that easy to qualify for the twitch affiliate program and it did require some upfront work to get my foot in the door for me the key to getting in the twitch affiliate program within one week was networking with other twitch streamers screening 2 hours per day for 1 week straight and getting feedback from experienced twitch streamers on how I could improve my broadcasts so what are you waiting for now that I’ve told you the power of building an author platform on twitch creative and how to make money as a twitch affiliate you can get to work right away of course once you get your foot in the door how do you set up your twitch affiliate account I’ll save that for another day until then if you enjoyed today’s content then share it with someone who you’d think would like it too until later it’s been self publishing with Dale and I’ll catch you soon

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