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Hello Guys, my name is efosa l has been an online marketer for 4 years now before l become an online marketer l will tell you my short story. l was born and in Nigeria when l finish my university but it was difficult for me to get a job for my self, so l left my country to Spain where l am now a Spanish citizen.l got my resident and working permit after a year that l came to Spain,  l started working with it, a few years later l got marriage and l have 3 boys but l don't like to work under a company l needed freedom where l will be able to work for my self. l learn how to play an instrument which l still play today, l play piano anyway,but l still need to get money to sustain me and my family.  l started to sell on amazon after 2 months l was kicked out from the system without no explanation. l now decide to be an affiliate marketer, so that l can be able to do what l love,  this is my short story. l am really passion about doing affiliate marketing wish brings me passive income daily.

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